High School Clubs & Activities

All extracurricular activities are initiated and continued under the leadership of the students of the Koç High School. Students may join those already available following the introduction of the activities in the beginning of the school year, or they may initiate their own.
Students are responsible for the following for all activities that they design:

  • Finding a teacher as a consultant,
  • Arranging a meeting time during or after school hours,
  • Ensuring sustainability, etc.

All school teams are included in the extracurricular activities. 11th Grade IB students continue with the activities under CAS and MEB students conduct these under the club & activities.

Activities that the students design help them acquire skills, development and experience relevant to their physical, emotional and social development. Activities below are offered by the school based on student request and available options in the relevant year, as well as traditional activities that have been continued for a long time:

  • Art
  • Community Service
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Human Sciences
  • Environmental Awareness


AKUT (Search and Rescue) Awareness and Relief for Disaster

Archaeology and Cultural Interaction

Astronomy Club

Track & Field

Basketball Team

Biology Olympics

Science Magazine Club

East to West Basketball

Destination – Imagination

Philosophy Club

Film Club

Soccer Team

Rainbow Club

Visual Arts

Nanotechnology and Cutting Edge Science Club

Pop-Rock-Jazz Orchestra

Psychology Club


Chess Club bilim

Sevgi Gönül Art Night

Social and Business Entrepreneurship Club

Tennis team


Volleyball (Girls Team)

World Scholar’s Cup

String Instruments

Stringed Instruments Orchestra

Talent Show

Swim Team