Back to the Koç School

As the Koç School, we know that our parents and students are concerned about the Coronavirus pandemic and the course of the COVID-19 virus, which has affected the whole world. Regarding the epidemic, we carefully follow all the public institutions we are affiliated with and local and global developments and continue to shape our plans for the opening of the school and adapt it to current information and situations. On this page, we will continuously share the measures and actions we have taken as part of “Back to School” to ensure the safety and health of the Koç School Family, which is our top priority.

In the new academic year, there are different scenarios about how education will take place as a result of the existing pandemic measures, and are stated below.

  • Opening schools with pandemic protection measures such as physical distance, hygiene and use of masks
  • Schools are physically opened with pandemic declarations, but not all students are present at the school
  • Schools cannot be opened physically and education is given completely by distance education

The Koç School has completed its preparations for all these scenarios and has proactively developed its infrastructure and implementation processes against possible changes, both academically and operationally. You can find these plans and preparations in the next pages.

Within the scope of the preparations for returning to The Koç School, two guides including the academic, social & emotional, logistic and technical equipment preparations required for the “New Normal” where schools are fully open for students and teachers, Mixed (Hybrid) and Distance Education models, have been created:


In the Educational Models and Koç School Applications guide, you can find the details of the applications prepared according to the scenarios and processes within the scope of hybrid and distance education models of our students’ academic, social and emotional development.

Koç School Emergency Management meets regularly when the school is closed, and all the necessary planning for the period when the schools are to be opened is in line with the decisions of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health, the Vehbi Koç Foundation Health Institutions and the Koç Holding Employee Experience team. and carries out the health of our employees at the highest level. You can reach the Pandemic Awareness and Koç School Practices guide, details of the health, safety, hygiene, and pandemic measures taken in this context.

You can find the content of these guides in English in the following pages.