Job Opportunities

The Koç School is one of Turkey’s leading schools with a high international reputation. It is an independent Turkish school offering a bilingual education to over 2,000 students through the Turkish National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (Diploma). There are three sections to the school on one campus – the Primary School (Years/Grades K-4), the Middle School (Years/Grades 5-8) and the Lise, (High School, Years/Grades 9-12).

The posts within the High School include the possibility of teaching at ‘IB’ Diploma level for suitable candidates. Some subjects are taught in English from the Upper Elementary School onwards – these include English itself, Mathematics, Computing and the Sciences. The Modern Languages are taught in the target language supported by English where necessary. For all positions, knowledge of and familiarity with the UK National Curriculum and/or other National/State curricula is sought and at ‘IB’ level, experience of ‘IB’/’A’ level/AP or equivalent is necessary.

All applicants should hold a relevant degree and teaching qualification. The school is seeking teachers who can make a significant contribution to maintaining and furthering the school’s goal of being at the forefront of education both nationally and across the world.

For an indication of life at The Koç School:

Vacant Positions 2018 – 2019

English, Lise (High School) Grades 9-12
A teacher is required to teach the ‘IB’ Diploma curriculum and mainstream English classes which prepare students for IB and/or the Turkish Ministry examinations. Experience of teaching the IB Diploma preferred. Further information is available here.
Business & Management, Lise (High School) Grades 11 & 12
A teacher is sought to teach mainly Business & Management at IB Diploma levels (HL & SL). Ability to teach Economics also would be an advantage. Further information is available here.


For online application forms, please follow this link.

Work Visas

For visa approval, the Turkish Ministries of Education and Labour require that a teacher have:

  • an undergraduate college/university degree of at least three years’ fulltime duration in the subject to be taught and
  • a teaching credential of at least one year’s fulltime duration in that subject.

There are virtually no exceptions to these requirements.

Contract Period and Remuneration

The initial contract for all overseas teachers is two years, subject to satisfactory completion of the first year; thereafter, extensions are for one or two-year periods. All foreign-hire teachers are provided housing on campus as well as round-trip air transport, a shipping allowance, health and life insurance, an annual bonus in lieu of pension, and free tuition for children attending The Koç School. Many foreign-hire teachers find that they are able to save a substantial portion of their salaries due to the reasonable cost of living in Turkey and the benefits provided by the school.

The school provides an excellent setting for career-minded teachers seeking an environment in which to enjoy a rich educational and historic setting. The school’s salaries and benefits are designed to reward teachers who are able to make such a commitment.