Modern Foreign Languages

In the Modern Foreign Language Department, language is taught by a dynamic and international department. We concentrate on teaching these rich and exciting languages using different types of activities which focus on the main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing (Four Skills model), combined with aspects of culture. The teacher will focus on giving to the students the confidence to speak. Language pedagogy has come a long way since the days when repetitive grammar-translation methods were regarded as the only way to learn. Today, task-based approaches are used in the department, emphasizing communication and the practical uses of language. Task-based learning typically involves an information gap: students may have to share knowledge to communicate effectively, or look for language rules themselves before re-applying them.

We believe in giving the students the opportunity to experience not only the tradition of the countries in which these languages are spoken, but the full diversity and range of the Hispanic/French/German culture.

The students will have the opportunity to understand not just the language but where the language originates from; traditions, culture, folklore, food and music. This provides an enjoyable educational experience that sets achievable but challenging goals appealing to all kinds of different learners. Pupil engagement is another key area to consider in an outstanding lesson. Activities that promote active learning, independent thinking, cooperation and collaboration are all useful tools to consider, whilst keeping in mind the use of target language and differentiation.

IB students face challenges in debate and study that foster familiarization, recognition, and a sympathetic awareness of other people’s beliefs and values. Our mission is to educate our students in a full immersion of the language through interactive learning.

You can reach the High School MFL department at B Block, extension 6726