The Koç School Turkish-Literature Department adopts a text-based educational approach with a focus on information literacy, creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills, humanitarian and intellectual sensitivity and global perspective in line with the fundamental skills that the 21st century individual is expected to have. We aim for a high academic performance in both MEB and IB programs.

Basic Student Performance

  • To be a reader having critical and independent thinking skills,
  • To analyse and interpret reading material or audio-visual input and maximize oral and written expression skills,
  • To learn about different periods, cultures, movements, traditions by means of the literary works having respect as well as an intercultural perspective,
  • To achieve highest performance in national and international exams.

Our Activities

  • To study 20 works in MEB program and 22 works in IB program in detail throughout 4 years of high school education, including review and interpretation activities.
  • To make literary reading and comprehension activities an integral part of the curriculum.
  • To prepare “Course Notes” booklets that are updated yearly based on student needs and current student profiles.
  • To prepare the MEB group students to YGS and LYS University entrance exams.
  • Design up-to-date lessons using differentiated instruction considering student needs and background,
  • We aim for diversity in assessment and evaluation and take relevant measures to sustain continued academic achievement.

The department is located at B Block 318B and 319B and can be reached at extensions 6218 and 6367.