The Middle School English Department fosters and promotes academic honesty, intellectual curiosity, disciplined study habits and a passion for reading and writing. Our aspiration is to nurture students who can work individually and with others to become adventurous, self-motivated, industrious learners who can communicate their ideas in a sophisticated way at an early age. Our primary goal is to provide our students with the high quality teaching and learning environment required to be able to prepare them for highly competitive education both in our subject and in the wider school community. As we are positioned midway through our students’ language learning experiences, we play a huge role in ensuring that strong roots are planted in the full range of skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar.

The Grade 5-8 program at The Koç School builds the students’ English language proficiency while at the same time extending and developing their exposure to literature through prose and poetry. Language course books, online reading and writing programs and the designated novels are used at each level to help students internalize the linguistic elements integrated in the reading, writing, listening, and speaking in which they engage. Furthermore, debating, delivering speeches in public, holding meaningful and intellectual conversations in all types of contexts are the highlights of a wide range of speaking practices fostered in the school.

The Middle School English Department currently consists of 14 teachers from many different countries providing a wealth of diversity and experience and exposing our students to English as a global language, the lingua franca. In order to provide ample opportunity for students to develop their skills through meaningful tasks, we offer a number of extra-curricular activities such as English Drama Club (ISTA Membership), JMUNDP (Junior Model United Nations), Koç Scholars Academy (The World Scholar’s Cup), Destination Imagination (DI) and as of 2018, British English Olympics (BEO). It has been observed that our students’ regular and active participation in these clubs’ schoolwide, nationwide and international events has proven to create unforgettable and life-changing experiences for them.

Teachers work closely in groups to create resources which challenge the students and encourage critical thinking and a variety of approaches to cover the course content. Our collective mission is to create lifetime learners who are disciplined, able to think for themselves, and convey their insights and learning through presentations, debates, speech-giving contests, charity events for the less privileged and to do so in a way that is articulated, informed and befitting future global citizens of a world in the midst of momentous changes.

As we are a large department, we are spread over two offices. You can reach Middle School English Department at extension 6565 for room 106I or extension 6344 for room 110I.