Middle School Science department provides science courses, 5 periods a week for students in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 in both English and Turkish languages. In general, courses include subject content, application of scientific method, practical work, data collection and presentation, and data interpretation.

The Science department prepares students to acquaint themselves with natural phenomena in their environments through science. Our course makes them wonder and make sense of their curiosity. Students learn the scientific methods through observation, hypothesizing and experimentation: one of the goals of science instruction is to explain this method and to help students to think critically about science in relation to other subjects of learning. The Science department develops an attitude which is a habit of thinking, feeling and acting; a mixture of curiosity and caution.

One science teacher prepares grade 4 students for middle school in science and maths with a one hour per week English-Maths-Science (EMS) course, supplying many examples of scientific methods and mathematical terms.

The Science department follows the Turkish Ministry of Education’s (MEB) curriculum in order for 8th grade students to be prepared for national exams. The MEB gives one of these exams per semester. Our department is very confident in making the students feel ready for those exams with the in-class activities and theory given in science class.

National Curriculum, grades 5 – 8

The language of instruction and assessment is English and Turkish, so the course is taught by Turkish and foreign teachers. Subject content includes scientific method, basic biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. Our department uses various online resources such as Moodle, BrainPop, TTNet Vitamin, Morpa Campus, Kahut, BBC Bitesize, TigTag, NearPod, Socrative in lessons. Although we follow the MEB curriculum, we also make sure that our students develop enough lab skills and thinking methods so that they can continue successfully at The Koç School’s high school levels.

In addition to academic activities the Science department encourages students to join national and international science projects and competitions. One of these is an in-school science fair that comprises student science and mathematics projects.

Other extra-curricular activities include field trips to the botanic gardens in Istanbul, to the Space Camp in Izmir, to science fairs in Edinburgh, and interdisciplinary trips to CERNE, Florence and Venice. Our department also invites professors each year to talk to all grade levels about diet, genetically modifies food, hereditary diseases, the environment, and climate change.

You can find detailed information about Science@Koç by checking the EdgeStem magazine which is the annual Maths, Science & Technology magazine.

The Middle School Science department can be contacted in room 39H, telephone extension 6361.