Social Sciences

Middle School Social Sciences Department is composed of Social Sciences as well as Religion and Ethics lessons.

The main aim of the social sciences lessons is to raise individuals who have acquired the knowledge and skills of social sciences, who love their country and nation, who know their rights and use them, who fulfil their responsibilities, who has a national consciousness, who comprehends the value of Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions on the social, cultural and economic development of the Republic of Turkey.

The main aim of the Religion and Ethics lesson is to provide accurate information about religion to the new generation in line with Atatürk’s secular perspective and to raise their awareness.

The lessons are conducted in the social sciences classrooms.  A variety of visual materials, maps and technological equipment in these classrooms make it easier for the students to learn while school trips to several cities reinforce the information taught in class.

Ministry of Education curriculum is applied in both lessons.  The topics are covered with the support of in-class activities and technology in a student-centred manner.

You may reach the Middle School Social Sciences department at 118A, extension 6356.