Information Technologies

As the Koç Primary and Middle School Information Technologies Department, we aim to raise K-8 students who are able to use IT devices skillfully, who are able to reach the right resources by developing their research skills, who are able to solve problems, follow up the improving and changing technologies and who are digital literates.

We have a total of fully equipped Information Technologies (IT) classrooms in our school building. Besides the IT classes, our students use these classrooms in different branch lessons and also during the breaks for their researches, homework assignments and projects. Within the scope of the elective lessons and club activities, we work on multimedia and Lego- programming. Our department presents the students the opportunity to participate national and international coding activities, to attend the IT Week conducted at our school in order to learn, try, share and compete on the innovations in this field.

We are applying the Ministry of Education Curriculum. We present the objectives by enriching them with inter-disciplinary activities and various in-class activities.

The computer classrooms are located in A Block ground floor.

You may reach the computer department from room 163-G and extension 6350.