Boarding Enrollment Process

  • For existing students, boarding applications are collected every year in June during the High School Enrollment Renewal process.
  • New enrollments to the Lise Prep class are managed in line with the scores announced by The Koç School according to the High School Entrance Exam (LGS) results and within a quota. When the enrollment calendar is published by the Ministry of National Education (MoNE), information related to scores and quota is announced on our school website. The enrollment generally takes place at the end of June and within the first two weeks of July. These dates may change according to the calendar announced by the MoNE.
  • In addition to Lise Prep class, boarding students may be accepted if there is a vacancy for Grade 9 and the exam announcement and application conditions are published on the website in July.  
  • If there is a vacancy, students from other grade levels can enroll as well. In that case, the Boarding Dean needs to be contacted.
  • All specified dates are for informative purposes only. For exact enrollment dates, please follow the announcements on The Koç School website.