Life in the Boarding Program

Activities and Facilities:

Living at The Koç School campus on a 630-acre field means to be able to reach all the opportunities the school provides within a walking distance and to live a comfortable daily life. At The Koç School campus where sustainable energy resources are used, the boarding students can use the semi-Olympic swimming pool, football fields, indoors gyms and fitness rooms, tennis courts, outdoor playgrounds and walking tracks. Moreover, the boarding students can utilize dance, music, painting and ceramics workshops, the library, science and technology labs and study halls.  

The Boarding Common Space is organized by considering the students’ needs to study, socialize and have fun. In the Boarding Common Space, there are student study halls, a TV room, a boarding cafe-canteen and a Grocery, a boarding common kitchen that can be used under the supervision of a boarding teacher, a game room, a broadcasting room for Radio Koç, a model plane workshop, a multi-purpose room used for boarding clubs and workshops, a dance and yoga hall, a sculpture atelier,  a music room, a drums room with sound insulation, a boarding committee office and a storage space where students can put their extra items. The dean’s office and boarding teachers’ room is located in the Common Space as well, so that the students can reach their boarding dean and teachers easily.

You can see the school campus and the dormitories by taking the The Koç School Virtual Tour.



Various activities are held for the students to enjoy a productive and pleasant life from the first day of boarding until their graduation. 


  • LP Orientation Days
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Boarding Clubs and Workshops 
    • Cooking Club
    • Sculpture Club
    • Model Plane
    • Music Club
    • Laughter Club
    • Permaculture Club
    • Film Studies Club
    • Creative Drama Club
    • Robotics Club
    • Intermediation Workshop
    • Table Tennis Club
    • Volleyball Club
  • Theater Plays & Trips
  • Concerts
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Book Fair
  • Boarding Department Meet-Ups
  • Special Day Activities
    • Parent Teacher Association Treats for the Boarding Students: “Mother’s Touch”
    • Outdoors Movie Screenings
    • Valentine’s Day
    • New Year’s Day Activities
    • March 8 International Women’s Day
    • Grade 12 Farewell Party
  • Boarding Department Traditional Events
    • Game of Dorms: Boarding Department Contests
    • Boarding Department Knowledge Contest


Boarding Department Support Units:


Guidance and Psychological Counseling: 

This support unit covers the guidance and psychological counseling processes the students are offered in the fields of academic, social, psychological development in order for the students to take responsibility and cope with the problems they encounter. In The Koç School, counselors come together with the new students for the first time during the orientation activities. Preventive, individual, academic and vocational guidance activities are carried out in the sessions that continue throughout the education process. The counseling process of boarding students are conducted with the collaboration of a Psychosocial Support Specialist, the relevant Dean, The Koç School Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department and the Boarding Teachers. 


Health Services

The school’s health unit offers outpatient care services to The Koç School students and personnel free of charge. There are two infirmaries located on campus, one in the Primary-Middle School and the other in the High School building. The infirmary in the High School building provides health services to our boarding students as well. 


Our boarding students are offered 1st class health services 24/7. These services are provided by 1 doctor and 2 nurses during day time and 1 on call nurse during night time. If a student experiences a health problem, they are sent to the infirmary with a boarding teacher. When necessary, the nurse on duty makes the first evaluation and informs the school doctor, and in cases where further examination/treatment is required, our student is transported to a hospital of the related parents’ choice with a school vehicle or an ambulance, or to the nearest hospital depending on the urgency of the situation, escorted by a boarding teacher. The school also has an agreement with the Medline ambulance company for emergencies.


Food Services

The boarding department offers five meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack. Students are sent monthly e-mails including the menus prepared by the “Healthy Nutrition and Life Committee” composed of students, teachers, school administration, parent members of the parent & teacher association, a doctor, an independent dietitian, the food engineer of the catering company, a cook and others. The meals are prepared with care according to food safety, hygiene and healthy eating criteria and regular audits are conducted. Special diet menu and vegetarian menu options are also offered to the students who need a special nutrition program due to their health issues. Students who need diet and special menus are required to give the infirmary their doctor’s reports and the students who would like to be served the vegetarian menu need to inform the Boarding Dean at the beginning of the semester.


Transportation Services

Boarding students coming to the school from many places in Turkey, organize their own transportation. Due to the school’s proximity to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, planes are the most preferred transportation method. In addition, trains and buses are among the vehicles used in intercity traveling. When the dormitories are closed, service buses are arranged for the boarding students to get to the Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Tuzla Train Station. Service buses can be arranged for the boarding students coming from close cities such as Bursa, Kocaeli, Yalova, Sakarya and distant districts of Istanbul by contacting the school service company.  In addition to the Kadıköy and Kurtköy service buses planned for boarding students going to courses outside of the school, there is also a Kadıköy service bus which all the boarding students can use on Fridays and weekends. 


Safe Life Services

Having a large 150-acre campus, The Koç School provides security services with its extensive security infrastructure and expert personnel. 1 Security Unit Manager, 1 Security Team Leader and 32 security staff are present 24 hours a day on campus in accordance with the Private Security Act numbered 5188. The entire campus is monitored with CCTV security camera system including the entries and exits of the dormitories and common space, lobbies and corridors. A security guard is present at the dormitory area as long as our school is open. Boarding teachers accompany the students in all dormitory blocks, including 4 blocks and 1 common space. 


The sustainability of the campus security is ensured with the routine controls carried out by occupational health and safety specialists. The Koç School Safe Life Unit specialists provide training to employees and students periodically, conduct drills for natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire etc.