Turkish University Guidance

We provide counselling support to our students to help them decide on their future tertiary education and major to study in Turkey based on their skills, interests and values.

Career planning activities for LP and Grades 9 & 10 are carried out by the counselling teachers. These activities are continued by the Turkish Universities Counsellor in Grades 11 & 12 for the students who plan to receive tertiary education in Turkey.

It is important for the parents to be familiar with the system to be able to support the student preparation accordingly. Parent information activities that are carried out as workshops in Grades 10 and 11 are held more frequently in Grade 12 as “Information Meetings” throughout the year.

These activities provide information on the Turkish university entrance system based on YGS and LYS exams, course selection in line with the student objectives, types of exams to sit and the GPA, which is an integral part of the system, as well as the universities and higher education programs. We also provide insight to double major, minor and undergraduate transfer issues for their further career planning at university.

Students are also updated and encouraged to participate in the Summer Schools, Demo Classes, Winter Schools and Workshop activities that are available in Turkey.

Our activities are planned in parallel with our vision that career planning with regard to the Turkish Universities is a process that starts with LP to continue by the end of Grade 12, in each stage of which our students must be supported.