The Registrar’s office provides information to students and parents concerning registration. It carries out all bureaucratic operations regarding MEB.

Some of the documents and operations that fall within the responsibility of the Registrar include:

  • Application and announcement of the results of the scholarship procedures
  • Student documents and transcripts
  • Planning and announcement of the class lists and schedules
  • Publication and protection of grade fiches and other student documents,
  • Receiving the applications of the central and other exams (e.g: LGS)
  • Lottery process (Receiving applications, correspondence, registration, announcement of the results, etc.)
  • Issuing diplomas
  • Documents requested after graduation

Registration Procedures

Annual school fees are announced on May 30th every year and re-registration operations must be completed by June 30th.

Official Registration: Parents update information using their own passwords.

Financial Registration: Advance payment or installments are acceptable for the payment of the school fee.

Please find detailed information about the registration processes of the Koç School Primary School, Middle School, and High School on the Registration & Admission Information page. For further information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at extension 6216 or 6459.