Back to the Koç School

As The Koç School, we have meticulously been following all public institutions we report to as well as local and global updates since the beginning of the pandemic; as The Koç School Emergency Management*, we adapt all our plans according to current information and situations. We share the measures and actions we take within the scope of “Back to School” to ensure the safety and health of the Koç School family, which is our top priority, on the Back to The Koç School page.

You may access both the precautions taken in the 2021- 2022 academic year regarding the school operations within the scope of the pandemic and the academic processes from this page.

“The Koç School Emergency Management have regular meetings and prepare all necessary plans in line with the statements of The Ministry of National Education and The Ministry of Health, the decisions of Vehbi Koç Foundation Health Institutions and The Koç Holding Employee Experience team by attaching maximum importance to our students’ and employees’ health.