The Koç School High School – Boarding Program

Targeting the students to become confident, ethical, responsible world citizens with leadership qualities by developing their intellectual and humanitarian qualities, The Koç School provides students who reside outside of Istanbul boarding opportunities. Boarding students can stay at the school for 5 or 7 days depending on the distance of their place of residence.

While The Koç School Boarding Program aims for the students to become self-assured, versatile, collaborative and responsible individuals who can plan their time well, communicate in a positive manner in their environments, it also supports boarding students to become sharing and undertaking individuals who are sensitive towards their surroundings, who can take their own and their friends’ responsibility and who have developed problem solving skills over the years.  

The boarding department is composed of 4 separate dormitories and a common building. The dormitories have a total of 208 people capacity, 104 of which is for male students and 104 for female. 

The boarding dean and boarding teachers are responsible for the boarding life on campus that starts with the thrill of becoming a boarding student and continues with strong friendship, bonding and rapport.

The Koç School Boarding Department is undergoing the process of accreditation as a member of the International Boarding School Association (BSA), which develops international boarding standards and has approximately 600 members, as of the 2021-2022 academic year.