Institutional Planning and Evaluation Department

Institutional Planning and Evaluation Department

The aim of the Institutional Planning and Evaluation department is to mind the positive school climate and to contribute to a constantly advancing school in order to adapt to the changes in the world and the future of education.

To carry out the strategic plans of the school to prepare for the future, to follow the developments in the world and in education, to coordinate accreditation steps, to ensure that the needs and opinions of students and parents are regularly received through surveys, to develop education-oriented projects and collaborations according to changing needs, to carry out assessment and evaluation activities in order to monitor learning, and to support education and curriculum development activities.

Our scope:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Research
  • Participation and Surveys
  • Projects and Collaborations
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Education and Curriculum Development


Our focus:

  • Innovation
  • Participation
  • Sustainability
  • Cooperation
  • Inspiration
  • Facilitation

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