The Koç School Institutional Communications department is responsible for the school’s alumni communication. KOnnect (The Koç School Alumni Platform), where alumni communication is carried out, can be accessed from this link.

When our students graduate from high school, they can also become members of the Alumni Association (KÖLMED).

What are we doing?

  • Providing a healthy flow of information between all our graduates and our school.
  • Organizing the graduation ball for the senior class.
  • Organizing reunions, in Istanbul and overseas.
  • Taking an active role in the contributions of graduates to the school (fundraising, volunteering, career)

What can you do?

We always need the volunteer support of our graduates! We need support from yesterday’s students, today’s scientists, business people or volunteers, all of whom are different and valuable from each other, for planning processes and communication network in alumni events, for the needs of our school or scholarship students, in the career determination processes of our students and in many similar situations.

Would you like to support us in reunions?

You can take part in the organization team of the reunions organized by The Koç School, or you can simply support our communication network. If you would like to volunteer at our reunions, please contact us from

  • Reunions: Celebrating their 10th, 15th, 20th and above years at the alumni meetings held within the school, our graduates live the school spirit and rejuvenate their friendships with the excitement of being at school again. Moreover, we plan to host not only some special classes but all our graduates at our meetings starting next year.
  • Overseas Reunions: According to the distribution of our graduates abroad, an alumni meeting takes place in the United States and the UK every year, usually in January-February. Why not in Germany or the Netherlands next? It is very important for us to reach more alumni at meetings.

Would you like to sponsor our students in need?

As you know, at The Koç School, approximately 20% of our High School students have merit&need scholarships.  You can give donation support to these students. If you would like to sponsor our students for any of the following issues, please contact us from

  • Exam/Application sponsorship: Our students’ SAT, ACT, university application fees
  • Transportation sponsorship: Travel fee for transportation of our students to the foreign university they are accepted to.
  • Book sponsorship: Provision of level books
  • Event Participation sponsorship: Summer school, participation in camps and events, accommodation and flight ticket fees (international events such as MUNDP, award ceremonies of competitions where students are awarded, etc.)

Can you support our students to get acquainted with professional life?

As The Koç School, we organize many extracurricular activities and projects especially for our high school students to discover their purpose in life, and we support them to be ready for life in every sense. We are confident that the opportunities our graduates who have sat on the Koç School desks in the past have today will open new windows for our high school students trying to explore life. Therefore, if you work or are a manager in an institution with a high school student intern program, please contact us from

Can you support the Professions Day?

On the Professions Day, which is traditionally held every year, we promote current and future professions in order to introduce our students to professional life. We would very much like our alumni, who have been listeners in these organizations in the past, to be role models with their successful work by opening the horizons and vision of our students in the events to be organized. If you would like to take part as a speaker to promote your profession in the Professions Day, please contact us from