Institutional Communications

The Koç School Communications Department offers guidance for the discourse to be followed in external school communication. Responsible for communication planning for events, promotions, corporate identity, and branding, the department prepares all printed materials for publications, the school website, as well as Voice Magazine. The department also coordinates the univocal tone in all student magazines and liaises with Deans to publish the school calendar and organizer. The department works closely with the Alumni Office and Alumni Association.

The purpose of The Koç School’s Institutional Communications department is; to manage the corporate reputation of the school inside and outside, to use the corporate identity correctly in all areas, to ensure the establishment of continuous and sustainable communication with the stakeholders through all communication channels of the school in line with the goals and objectives.

  • Institutional Communication Department provides guidance on determining the tone to be followed in school communication.
  • It carries out communication and logistics planning, promotion, corporate identity, and branding works for various events and projects.
  • It prepares the Voice magazine, which includes all the printed documents, films, website, and news from the school used for the promotion of the school.
  • Coordinates work that reflects K-12 unity, such as student journals, school calendars, and agendas.
  • Manages the school’s social media accounts.
  • It works in cooperation with the Alumni Association in the field of alumni relations.