Education and Information Technologies

EIT Department provides information technologies service with 11 personnel focused on:

  • Field services
  • Server
  • Software
  • Audio-Visual technologies

EIT Department provides support to academic and non-academic staff, as well as students and parents.

Our services aim to:

Support existing academic activities with relevant equipment, service and software,
Increase efficiency of the school procedures by means of relevant equipment and software,
Ensure compliance with the criteria of accuracy, integrity, information safety and access in the storage and provision of school data,
Support education with today’s technology in audio-visual and multimedia services whereby contributing to academic achievement.

EIT Management

Primary duty of the EIT management is to drive the establishment of an advanced and well-coordinated technology infrastructure for the whole school parallel to the school’s vision.

IT Staff

Human is the most valuable resource. Team work and coordination among EIT staff and other school personnel are crucially important for the efficient functioning of the EIT resources. In this regard, investment in human resources provides a strong basis for the progress towards a targeted vision.