Facilities Management


1 security manager, 1 security team leader and 32 security guards as permanent staff, work 24 hours a day on campus in accordance with the Private Security Act numbered 5188. The school campus is monitored 24 hours a day with closed circuit camera systems.


Health care services at school are carried out following first tier diagnosis/treatment service and preventive medicine practices.

There are 3 infirmaries in the primary, middle and the high school with 2 doctors, 9 assistant health care personnel and 1 coordinator who work full-time. The high school infirmary is open 24 hours/7days for our boarding students and residents on campus.

Our priorities for health care services are:

  • Providing preventive medicine and treatment service for students, teachers and staff.
  • Ensuring the healthy state of the students and the employees before they get sick, and providing the necessary treatment and help them continue their daily school routine safe and sound in the case of a disease despite all the precautions.

Also, hygiene checks including drinking water analyses and cafeteria-kitchen inspections are carried out and reported by the infirmary team on a regular basis. Infirmary services are provided by the full-time medical personnel of the Vehbi Koç Foundation’s American Hospital.

The school has a fully-equipped ambulance for patient transfers as well as an ambulance service contract with Medline Company.


Monthly menus are prepared by the Healthy Nutrition and Life Committee members which includes students, teachers, school administration, parent & teacher association members, the school doctor, an independent dietician, a food engineer of the catering company, school chef as well as others.

Cafeteria service is provided by a contracted catering company. All food is prepared at the school campus kitchens.

Catering company has certificates issued by internationally accredited bodies including ISO 22000 Food Safety, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety. In addition to the inspections required by the certifications mentioned above, the Cafeteria services are also inspected by the Ministry of  Food and Agriculture as well as daily checks by the infirmary team.

The school holds ISO 14001 Environment as well as  ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety certificates. All inspections and regulatory applications relating to the kitchen and cafeteria areas are meticulously coordinated by the Occupational Doctor, Occupational Health & Safety Expert and the Environmental Engineer on-site, alongside routine inspections that cover the whole school.

All products used for food preparation are selected from the list agreed upon by the school administration and the catering company. The purchasing department at school routinely monitors the compatibility of the products and updates the supplier list according to feedback.


Cleaning service is provided by a contracted cleaning company. Hygiene risks are determined by the company and cleaning service is provided with relevant machinery, equipment and quality chemical materials.


Service bus company of the school is chosen by the service bus commission, members of which include parents from the parent & teacher association and the school administration. Service bus rules are decided on by the service bus commission and applied by the company. Service buses are inspected twice yearly by an independent inspection firm.


Gardening services at school are provided by a contracted gardening company. The school gives utmost importance to preserving the natural life on campus.


Technical services are provided by a technical team working on workshops and other areas related to mechanics, installation, carpentry, etc.


Emergency Action Plan that has been developed for civil defence, earthquake, fire, natural disasters, etc. is updated by our safety life specialist. There yearly are planned seminars and activities for students, staff and parents to create awareness on life safety. Occupational health & safety specialist and safe life specialist update risk analyses of our school and support  employees with trainings and applications.


All activities of the facility management are carried out meeting the approved standards of the internationally accredited bodies including ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards.



The school has two indoor semi-olympic swimming pools and an outdoor swimming pool. Pool hygiene and cleaning services are provided using modern equipment and pool water analyses are regularly completed and reported by accredited laboratories. Latest technology ozone system is used for pool water hygiene.


A modern, safe and fully-equipped fitness centre is open to school employees and high school students.


There is a mini market where boarding students and residents on campus can purchase supplies.


Hşgh school cafeteria is used by high school students, and is open every day for our boarding students. The school does not have canteen in the primary and middle schools in line with our healthy nutrition principles. Refreshments for our students include healthy snacks prepared by the catering company.


Campus residency/lojman opportunities are available for foreign teachers and administrators. There are several types of fully furnished lojmans available for married and single faculty and staff. Please visit our Virtual Tour to discover the Lojman area.


Social centre in the lojman area on campus provides food, beverages and TV services for our lojman residents.


Three guesthouses are available for school guests and lojman residents.