Middle School Mathematics Department aims to develop grade5-8 students with problem solving techniques in Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability and to equip them with valuable skills in Mathematics as well as other disciplines.

Our goal is to enable all students to reach high standards and full potential in a supportive and academically focused environment. We seek to engage students in meaningful mathematics that stimulates curiosity and enjoyment, while providing a balance between skill development and conceptual understanding.

Math classes at the Koç Middle School are designed so that students can benefit from advanced technology, take advantage of investigative and analytical opportunities, engage with peers and teachers alike, and explore various solutions to problems.

Middle School Mathematics follows the Turkish Ministry of Education’s curriculum where 8th graders prepare for National TEOG exams. We merged in- class math instruction with the various online resources as Moodle, iTunes U, Edmodo, near pod lessons and etc. to provide a combined program such that all students will be inspired to achieve and excel in the highest level of math possible.

Our belief is that students should be encouraged to hold ownership of their own learning and our main role is to support the students in their realization of self-awareness of the knowledge construction process.

We also encourage the students to attend national (Bilsem and Tubitak) and international math competitions (Atlantic Pacific Math Contest, Gauss Math Competition, World’s Math Day games etc.)  as well as the traditional Koç Math Week games and activities.

Koç Math Week is organized around pi-day every year with full of math competitions and games that engages the participation of all students and an opening ceremony with an inspiring and well known keynote speaker from the math field.

We also offer four elective courses as math steam (science-technology-engineering-art -mathematics), intelligence games, math1 (supportive) and math2 (challenge based) which are open to all students from grade 5 to 8.

As a part of school presentation day, our math project students are expected to join math & science fair to present their yearly math projects.

You can find detailed information about Math@Koç by checking the EdgeStem magazine which is the annual Math & Science & Tech magazine.

You can reach the Middle School Math department at H Block room 141, extension 6358.

Mathematics curriculum
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