In a constantly developing and changing world, the department’s primary aim is to raise responsible students who have high problem solving and critical thinking skills, respect differences, are equipped with strong communication skills and are able to improve their entrepreneur and leadership skills and who can use their experiences to improve positively.

As we raise individuals who can use the advantages of the era we live in, in favour of their own contribution, we also give importance to make them aware of the universal values.  While we apply all these; we move on from the principal that the counseling services provide professional support that is based on scientific principals and methods.  The counseling services are evaluated as a process and they are handled within the family –school system.

We conduct the following activities in cognitive, social and emotional areas in line with the aims stated above:

  • Activities about getting to know the student socially, emotionally and cognitively as of the first day they come to school.
  • Orientation activities that improve their adaptation skills.
  • Supportive activities that help them determine targets according to their needs and their own development.
  • Activities that make them evaluate their learning processes and improve themselves by becoming aware of their own potentials.
  • In-class activities that help them sustain the social and academic achievement in the upper educational level.