The Koç School: Back to School Development Fest 2019

The Koç School Back to School Development Fest, which allowed all Koç faculty and staff to take advantage of various professional and personal development opportunities took place between August 26th and 28th.

With the main theme of “Being Connected,” the festival was designed with insight from various stakeholders’ and feedback mechanisms from the previous academic year. Led by the Institutional Planning and Evalutation Department, about 500 Koç School faculty and staff participated in 40 simultaneously planned workshops in 89 sessions. All faculty and staff enjoyed meticulously planned team building and fun activities, while Vehbi Koç Foundation’s General Manager Erdal Yıldırım and AÇEV’s General Manager Burcu Gündüz joined the festival with inspiring speeches. The Back to School Development Fest was concluded with a General Assembly for the whole school, followed by a picnic with “street food.”

Research suggests that employees who truly contribute to each other empower their institutions in many ways. Alongside professional trainers and experts in their fields, more than 100 The Koç School employees contributed to the Festival as trainers and logistic providers in terms of content and support.

With a fun and exciting start to the academic year, The Koç School will continue holding various workshops and provide development opportunities throughout the following months.

Back to School Development Fest Workshops:

  1. Non-Violent Communication
  2. Sociocracy
  3. Deep Democracy
  4. Skills for In-class Practices
  5. Thinking Skills
  6. Neuroscience for effective lessons: How can we create “brain friendly” lessons and curricula?
  7. Design Thinking
  8. Mindfulness
  9. Theory U
  10. Opportunities and Responsibilities in Digital World
  11. Understanding Generation Z
  12. An Inclusive Education From Segregation to Integration and IEP (Individualized Education Program)
  13. Whole school curriculum design features
  14. Habits For Creating Effective Learning: How Can We Influence Classroom Environment In Positive Ways?
  15. Boundaries in Teacher – Student – Parent Relationships
  16. The Spiritual Dynamics of Learning
  17. Self-Regulation Skills
  18. Action in Learning
  19. Behavioral Disorders in Puberty and Suggestions to Teachers
  20. Gifted Children
  21. Emotional Foundations of Learning
  22. From Burnout to Positivity
  23. Peace Language in Communication With Parents
  24. From Data to Artificial Intelligence
  25. “Peace Language is Spoken in This School”
  26. Special Education
  27. Learn By Discovery: Creating Exciting Interdisciplinary Projects
  28. Material Development with Apple iBooks
  29. Microsoft Excel
  30. iMovie Film & Music Making and Editing
  31. Soap Making Workshop
  32. Green Chemistry Workshop
  33. Music Experience
  34. Ceramics
  35. Paper Marbling
  36. Streetball Basic Methods
  37. Badminton Basic Methods
  38. Volleyball Basic Methods
  39. Pilates
  40. Tennis Basic Methods