The Koç School

The Koç School offers a coherent and consistent K-12 curriculum. The student-centred educational programme seeks to provide a stimulating learning environment, and places great importance on developing the knowledge and skills of students through interdisciplinary activities, projects and research tasks supported by information technology. The objectives of this program are to help all students:

• Acquire fundamental knowledge and skills
• Encounter and reflect on cultural and cognitive perspectives
• Develop awareness of global issues and their implications for Turkey
• Engage in peaceful conflict resolution
• Develop creativity and awareness
• Learn the meaning of “responsible citizenship” by means of activities within and outside the school

At all grade levels, the instruction of Turkish as the students’ mother tongue, and English as their second language is of utmost importance at The Koç School. The school’s success in language education has been proven by its graduates’ fluency in both languages. German or French is also offered as a second foreign language starting in the 5th grade in order to assist students achieve proficiency in their second foreign language.