The Koç School: Zero Waste

One of our primary goals as an educational institution is to contribute to raising individuals who are highly aware of the environment and respect nature and humanity. In addition to this, we are also responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone in our campus. While minimizing the damage we inflict on the environment we, we believe in contributing to and protecting the natural balance of our campus.

With the commitment announced by the Koç Holding CEO Mr. Levent Çakıroğlu at the “OHS and Environment Launch” on October 17, 2019, all the Koç Group companies and organizations including The Koç School are committed to end the consumption of disposable plastics by the end of 2020.

In this launch, our Grade 12 students Can Yılgör and Mayra Kalaora shared their thought-provoking work with authentic call-to action messages, through their presentation called “Hooray Life!” about becoming more sensitive to the environment and making everyday life more environment-friendly. They inspired all participants with their presentation on distinctive topics such as workshops within the scope of Sustainability Development Goals, global targets photography exhibition, projects aiming to protect endemic plants, collection of discarded prescription and health related drugs as well as the promotion of reusable flasks at The Koç School.

Another group of our students has committed to Zero Waste after the training they received from TURMEPA Clean Sea Association, which was founded by Mr. Rahmi Koç who still acts as the honorary president.  The Blue Detectives of Koç, who took over the duty from TURMEPA, aim to spread Zero Waste Blue consciousness through active awareness-raising activities regarding waste reduction.  In this context, they will first train The Koç School, Primary and Middle School students and then they will continue with peer education in different schools throughout the year.

As The Koç School, we have started the “Zero Waste” transition activities involving all our stakeholders into the process. Our students recently initiated the Waste Drug Detox Project, Eco-Friendly Flasks, reducing the use of plastic straws and in addition to these activities; new academic projects will be added soon. We will also enter a new period of innovation and change initiated by all Koç Group companies.

As the whole Koç School family and stakeholders, #theonusisonus – we will continue our activities with the awareness and determination of accomplishing our mission of “Zero Waste.”