The Turkish-Literature Department of our school has adopted a text-based educational approach that focuses on information literacy, creative thinking, problem-solving and communication skills, humanitarian and intellectual awareness and a universal perspective in line with the basic skills expected of a 21st-century individual. We apply the highest standards as we meet the requirements of both the MoNE Turkish Language and Literature curriculum and the IB Turkish Literature course. 

Basic Student Objectives 

Students are expected to  

  • Become readers who can think critically and independently
  • Hone their skills of analyzing and interpreting what they read, listen to and watch, and express these orally and in writing
  • Learn about different periods, cultures, movements and traditions through literary works, respect these works and adopt an intercultural perspective
  • Employ effective narrative strategies depending on the target audience both orally and in writing 
  • Use their mother tongue effectively and accurately
  • Maximize success in both national and international exams.

What Do We Do?

  • Prepare selections of works for all levels in high school, and make sure students engage in a holistic reading exercise of at least three works in addition to Turkish Language and Literature books, and based on these works, give them exercises for comprehension, analysis, research, interpretation, review, language and expression  
  • Ensure students in Prep classes acquire the basic skills expected of them by The Koç School for this course
  • Plan classes for Grades 9 and 10 with a view to help our students acquire the basic knowledge and skills they will need for both the IB program and the MoNE curriculum 
  • Make exercises geared toward improving the skill of reading and interpreting any literary work an integral part of the curriculum, and contribute to the development of an intellectual perspective that our students will need throughout their life
  • Devise and employ teaching strategies and course material that are reviewed and updated yearly in line with student needs and the changing student profile 
  • Prepare students who choose to be in the MoNE sections of Grades 11 and 12 for TYT and AYT, the two sessions of the Higher Education Exam
  • Ensure our IB students engage in in-depth reading exercises of nine literary works at SL and 13 literary works at HL respectively in line with the student profile the IB wishes to develop, and design classroom activities so that they perform at their best in the IB exams 
  • Ensure our students adopt the academic honesty principles of our school, and closely monitor them throughout the studies they conduct 
  • Customize classes according to the needs and background of students and update content to stay in tune with current conditions
  • Diversify assessment and evaluation tools and take measures as needed while continuously monitoring achievements