Modern Foreign Languages

The Koç Modern Foreign Languages Department is an engaging and inclusive environment, where students are positively encouraged to understand and speak a foreign language whilst at the same time learning about different cultures and ways of life in other French, German or Spanish speaking countries. 

Our vision is that all language learners develop the skills and confidence to consider themselves as ‘World Citizens’ who belong in a multicultural, mutually respectful world.

The Modern Foreign Languages Department consists of seven dynamic, passionate and enthusiastic international teachers, with a collaborative and creative approach to teaching and learning. 

Lessons are delivered using a wide variety of teaching methods that incorporate a variety of engaging listening, reading, speaking and writing activities, with student-centred learning at the heart of planning. 

Grammar is the foundation for building language skills. Learning grammar enables students to speak and write more accurately, confidently and fluently. Consequently, grammar skills are taught explicitly through every topic, and regularly revisited. Students are prepared to enter the DELF, DELE or FIT exams at the desired level from G9 to G11 and IB Language B is also offered from G11.

The department endeavours to make learning languages a fun and meaningful experience, providing students with many opportunities for collaboration and independent work in each lesson. The MFL department has high expectations for all students and the climate for learning encompasses the integration of all abilities as well as giving our students the opportunity to develop  their social and emotional learning skills. We trust in the success of each student; and to this end, we use a range of strategies, such as group talk, reflection and role plays, to create a classroom culture where learning is both an individual and a shared experience. 

You can reach the High School MFL department at E Block.