Computer Education

The Koç School’s high school Computer Education Department equips students with key information and communication technology skills. These indispensable skills allow students to provide creative and effective digital solutions to complex problems in school, university, business as well as everyday lives.

Education programme of the department is regularly updated in line with the advanced technology, as well as the changing needs of the students and other departments. The program consists of subject areas such as basic computer knowledge and skills, digital citizenship, academic and ethic internet use, research skills, project development, using online tools, digital portfolios, cloud systems, graphic design, multimedia, 2D and 3D design, algorithmic thinking and programming as part of compulsory and elective lessons in different grade levels. In addition to the above, International Baccalaureate students are offered Digital Society (DS) and Computer Science (CS) lessons.

Students are encouraged to portray their digital literacy skills in other areas through interdisciplinary activities with the other departments as part of student projects.

The CE department office is located at the Science and Technology Building basement floor and the can be reached at extension 6542.