The High School Geography Department aims for the students to analyse and evaluate human-nature interaction at a local-global scale, as well as natural and man-made situations through holistic and multi-faceted thinking. Students in turn become aware of complex situations and problems in their environment and act as problem-solvers and transfer acquired knowledge and skills to their daily lives.

We use the Ministry of National Education (MEB) curriculum in classes. All subjects are applied through diverse activities, presentations, worksheets and course notes governed by student-centred learning and differentiated instructional techniques of our faculty. The curriculum is also supported by the objectives of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

The department also carries out subject tests and question analyses for students who are preparing for the Turkish university entrance exams.

We organise excursions in all class levels and student participation in national and international conferences are committedly supported. Several seminars and projects are offered to educate students on distinctive geographical places as well as cultures. Students are encouraged to use course-specific skills and observe geographical elements in relation to their real lives.

Please visit following links for the Departmental curricula:

Geography Courses in Grades 9-10-11-12

International Relations course in Grade 11

The department is located in 219-B Office at the High School Building and can be reached at extension 6227.