The Koç School Chemistry Department has experienced teachers having received tertiary education in Turkish Universities or international programs.

MEB and IB curricula that are applied in the Chemistry Department are taught including the theoretical chemistry subjects, as well as daily life and scientific practices. These programs aim to raise individuals who have acquired fundamental and advanced knowledge of chemistry, having analysis and synthesis skills, being capable of critical and creative thinking.

Therefore, programs applied in all levels are supported by laboratory works and research projects. Also, alternative evaluation methods including scientific essay and documentary review and interpretation, experiment design and practice and analysis of experiment results are applied to ensure diverse skills assessment.
Therefore, the Koç School Science Building was established in September 2015 to facilitate above practices. All Chemistry lessons are taught in the Chemistry labs of the science building that are fully-equipped with the latest technology.

MEB Standard Level Chemistry Course (Grades 9 & 10):
The aim of the Standard Chemistry within MEB Program is to teach the students, who will continue with tertiary education in any major, the basic chemistry knowledge and skills. Chemistry is compulsory in these grade levels and the teaching language is English. Course materials include course books of the international publications, documentaries, teacher presentations, course notes and worksheets. All course materials are shared with the students on Google classroom.

MEB High Level Chemistry Course (Grades 11 & 12): 

The aim of the High Level Chemistry within MEB Program is to support the students who will receive tertiary education on engineering or medicine with relevant chemistry background. Teaching language is Turkish. Standard Level Chemistry course materials are used, which are shared with the students on Google classroom. Also, test practices are commonly applied to prepare the students to the university entrance exams.

Detailed content of the MEB chemistry curriculum for Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 can be reached here.

IB HL & SL Chemistry Courses (Grades 11 & 12):

These include the courses of the IBO international curriculum. IB Chemistry has a broad program covering 2 consecutive academic years. This program aims to raise inquisitive and caring individuals who are sensitive to humanity and environment.

IB Group 4 (Science Group) students have two options, they may take High Level Chemistry (HL) or Standard Level Chemistry (SL). IB High Level Chemistry is comprehensive and it applies to the students who will study chemistry-related majors at college. IB Standard Level Chemistry is open to all learners; however, it is relevant to Group 4 (Science Group) students as it is comprised of the subjects of the High Level Chemistry.

Although the subject scope and numbers of units and objectives are different, students are responsible for the common units, objectives and self-assessment criteria (individual research project) of both Standard and High Level Chemistry course programs. Students of the High Level Chemistry course are responsible for the extra objectives of the units in common, as well as all objectives of the elective units.

These students are also required to make experiments and research for a period determined by the IB. SL students must complete 40 hours practice/research studies, which is 60 hours for the HL. Both group of students spend 10 hours of these studies on Group 4 Research Project, and 10 hours on Individual Research Project.

Please visit this link for detailed course contents of the IB Programme.

You can reach the department at extension 6250.