Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts education in High School aims to help students acquire the skills of critical and creative thinking, ways of self-expression through art, apply visual arts techniques and gain aesthetic awareness. Students examine and contemplate on the works of past and contemporary Turkish and international artists, and apply a universal approach to art while producing and following art in line with universal values, internalizing the cultural values of their own society and respecting those of others.  

The department strives to help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to convey their ideas in an experimental, authentic and creative way.

The MoNE Visual Arts curriculum we offer to students is enriched with a variety of classroom activities in line with their interests, modern ideas and many online tools. Students develop their visual arts vision through various disciplines such as plastic arts, photography, ceramics and art history, and acquire an aesthetic perspective.

IB Visual Arts

The Koç School Visual Arts department is a vibrant workplace that aims to captivate, motivate and challenge our students. In the IB Visual Arts program studied on grades 11 and 12, students engage in the developing of their own ideas themes and artistic projects which reflect their stylistic interests as well as their thematic concerns. Students are encouraged to experiment with different media, produce relevant research and immerse in the artistic field both materialistically and conceptually. The department aims at fostering independent learning, develop artistic thinking, practice and sensitivity, build confidence in responding visually and creatively to personal and cultural experiences and develop an understanding of local, national and international artists. Every year many of our students continue their artistic education in prestigious international art schools and university faculties mainly but not exclusively in the United States and the UK.

For more information IB Visual Arts, please visit this link.

IB Film Diploma Program

IB Film Diploma Program aims for skills improvement by creating an effective communication environment and art form, excelling at film-making texts by means of film-making exercises and analyses. Diploma Program film course studies film history with a theoretical and socioeconomic background. Praising the diversity of cultural and historical perspectives in films, it helps improve critical thinking. Students are encouraged to express themselves in a creative way for their vocational and technical skills development.

Film course aims for the students to research and formulates ideas, attracting their interest to themselves, others and the world surrounding them, as well as different traditions and techniques.

Please follow the links below for IB film curriculum:

Art History

Art History course aims to introduce and teach art, sculpture, architectural and manual craft from Paleolithic Age until today, with a view to the past, present and future.

MEB curriculum is applied for the Art History course, which is enriched by various activities, visuals and documentaries. Please follow this link for the high school art history curriculum.