As the Koç School Physics Department, our main objective is to provide the education environment required to bring up individuals who can understand the universe they live in and its laws, question these, apply scientific research methods correctly, improve the applied methods via evaluation, respect ethical values, are able to keep up with the latest global developments and design the future based on what they have learned.

Our main goal in physics education is to raise individuals who can evaluate what is happening around them with a scientific point of view. In this sense, we know that it is important for our school and our country to extend our students’ perception of physics beyond physical concepts, rules and problem-solving skills. It all starts with them being able to see science as a channel of communication in the solution of problems and in their relation to their environment. As teachers whose principle is to interpret daily life, establish links and know that there is so much more to learn, our fundamental objective extracted from the time spent with our students is the ability to teach that physics is with us in every step of the way in our lives.

We are aware that a high quality physics education is required to keep up with the rapidly changing technology, to understand it, make sense of it, go beyond and develop it. It is our purpose to bring up individuals who believe in the importance of science and inquisitive spirit, are open to trying new methods, able to understand and internalize different approaches and eager to be the producer of the current technology rather than being just the consumer.

In line with these objectives, we are supporting our students in extracurricular activities that will contribute to their improvement and are acting as advisors to their projects. As the physics department, we also support our students in national and international competitions and activities. We consult them on engineering contests, science magazine, robotics competitions and space technologies.

In Koç School, the physics curriculum foreseen by the Turkish National Ministry of National Education is applied for Grade 9 and 10 and the language of instruction is English. We have 5 lab classes at the Koç School physics department and the levels of learning are enriched with experiments for students who pursue the IB (International Baccalaureate) program or the MEB (Ministry of National Education) program.

Students choose either the IB or the MEB program before starting Grade 11. They can take Physics classes in line with their career plans. IB Physics classes are offered in either the high level or the standard level. Grade 11 and 12 students have six hours of high level physics classes per week; this number stands at four for standard level. Students who select the science and math track in the MEB program will have four hours of physics in both Grade 11and 12.

As part of the both MEB and IB program in Grade 11 and 12, Physics students are taught subjects that are more advanced compared to the ones in classical Physics classes and furthermore they learn some modern Physics subjects as well. We aim at improving the analytical and scientific thinking skills of the students through interactive work and experiments that are applied on qualitative and quantitative problems.