Physical Education

High School PE courses aim to equip the students with required knowledge and skills to perform physical and sportive activities, for a fit and healthy lifestyle in which they make efficient use of their leisure time, transferring new knowledge to their life, as well as their personal development.

Our interdisciplinary activities also contribute to the student’s confidence building, communication skills, emotional control and overall integrity, developing respect, entrepreneurship, and tolerance to difference.

Our school teams in addition to the regular PE classes represent our school in MEB and other games.

School Teams:

  • Athletics (boys and girls)
  • Football (boys and girls)
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Basketball (boys and girls)
  • Table Tennis (boys and girls)
  • Swimming (boys and girls)
  • Tennis (boys and girls)

Our students are also encouraged to participate in Fencing, Archery, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Skiing & Snowboard.

PE Department can be reached at extensions 6275/6249/6303

MEB PE Curriculum: