“What good am I if I know and don’t do?”

Bob Dylan

The High School English Department at The Koç School consists of 17 fully qualified and accredited teaching staff, drawing on Educational experiences from the UK, USA, Australia Ireland, Italy, Libya, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, China, Romania, India and Turkey to create a comprehensive and unique English curriculum that caters to the needs of the bilingual student.

All of us hold accredited teaching qualifications; an English/Literature degree, most also hold a Masters degree, some currently pursuing doctorate degrees.These range from Education (School Admin) to Literature, Film, Creative Writing, and TESOL. Many are also examiners for external examinations boards, including IB English examiners.

The department shares a passion for Language, Literature and the Media and is enthusiastic and engaging in their teaching styles. We are also well traveled and open minded, encouraging reflection and courage in our students in the learning process. As many students go on to study in English speaking countries our aim is not only to engage in Literature but also recognize the needs of the EFL learner. Our courses therefore combine Literature and Language, providing the essential skills for the bilingual learner, which is an essential ingredient of The Koç School identity.

Grade 9 students follow a specially designed programme based on Common Cor and AERO global standards for English Language and Literature using the texts Animal farm, The Woman in Black and An Inspector calls to provide a stimuli for Language exploration. This provides a solid English foundation course and one that prepares them well for the academic rigor of IB.

Grade 10 students complete an internally designed pre-IB course, created by the department and assessed through a range of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing skills through the study of Texts and Language analysis. Assessments take the form of exams, quizzes, oral presentations, essay writing and creative tasks. The course provides a bridge between the Grade 9 and IB curriculum and is designed to prepare students for the assessments in IB which will aid their decision making as to which academic track to follow in Grade 11. In our current curriculum students study: the novel Catcher in the RyeRomeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. short stories, poetry, and a Media unit which incorporates the analysis of Language and Power, Visual and Print Media and Film.

Grade 11 and 12 choose to follow either the IB or MEB (Turkish Ministry) track

IB in Grade 11 and 12 complete the IB diploma in English A: Language and Literature. They sit their final examinations in May of Grade 12. These groups are divided into SL and HL classes and approximately half of the year group choose the IB route, although numbers vary from year to year. Results are very favourable in the department and are always well above the world average, with many students achieving 7’s at both HL and SL. Our curriculum is designed to provide both consistency and autonomy for our teachers, so we a range of texts in order to expose our students to diversity in all its forms : 1984L’Etranger, The Purple Hibiscus, The Underground Railroad, V for Vendetta, Persepolis, Macbeth and Carol Ann Duffy poetry  and teachers have free choice for other texts. Alongside the Literature components a Language component requires us to teach both Language and Culture and Language and Mass Communication which covers the rest of the course requirements.

MEB in grade 11 follow a slightly modified IB curriculum, as students do not need to submit final assessments to the IB. The same texts and skills, however are taught as the IB program.

MEB in grade 12 complete a curriculum set and assessed internally by the department. A range of creative, reading, writing and oral assessments are completed, tailored specifically to the needs and interests of this year group who are mainly focused on preparing for Turkish university entrance examinations. This year they are studying Macbeth and the graphic novel V for Vendetta.