Libraries of The Koç School aim to provide our students materials to support their educational needs specified in the education program, as well as fast and efficient access to information at local, national and universal level, being fully equipped with the advanced technology as a prerequisite to the information society, whereby supporting the generation of original ideas, instilling enthusiasm for reading taste and habits, teaching students how to use the library resources and services purposefully and making library a part of their lives.

Three different libraries on campus are open to our academic staff, students and departments.

Our libraries include resources in Turkish, English, German, French and Spanish. We have been providing audio-visual materials since 1993 and online data bases since 2001, further expanding research opportunities. In addition to the online databases which are expanded yearly, the number of e-book resources are also increased.

Our libraries have subscription to the periodicals in Turkish and English languages. We also have daily newspapers in English.
Teachers can book the library for their classes. Students can use the library in their leisure time (breaks).

Our Library staff is there to help with any access to required subjects or materials.